What are Mini-Lives?

Vacation + Everyday Life = Mini-Lives

A mini-life is when you live in a different location month-to-month (give or take); allowing you to immerse yourself in a new place, and have fresh experiences. It’s more or less a vagabond lifestyle.

Map of Mini-Lives Stops

Married Explorers are taking advantage of this type of living since they are in a “remote-work” environment and have no lease/mortgage. With it just being the two of them, it’s easy to navigate.

1st Mini-Life: Road trip through Montana

2nd Mini-Life: Newport Beach, CA on a boat

3rd Mini-Life: Bellingham, WA on a lake

4th Mini-Life: St. George’s, Grenada on an island

5th Mini-Life: Littleton, CO

6th Mini-Life: New York City, NY

Want to print out a cool map of your travels? The design on the right came from Atlas.Co.

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