Everyday Adventure

To Take the Photo Or Not To Take the Photo

While traveling, hiking, exploring, do you take a bunch of photos or are you more selective? Kara and Tim are opposite and discuss which strategy is best.

Let’s Get Physical

If you’re a couple that enjoys the feeling of accomplishment or want to be more active, then you might find this post beneficial. If you’re a couple that is way too busy and don’t have any time, or if you cringe at the word “accountabilibuddy” we recommend that you read a different post (perhaps this…

A TK Picnicking Experience

Historically, humans used to eat all their meals outside (except for maybe caves). Today, we can elect to eat outside.

Planting Those Date Night Seeds

Looking for a fun date night idea? Have we got a suggestion for you! Have an at-home date night by brainstorming and dreaming up other date nights you want to do with your partner.

Staying at Home

List of 16 items we’ve been doing while Staying at Home. Including happy hours, exploring neighborhoods, sitting in new places, yahtzee, and more.

That Kitchen Chemistry

Sometimes it can be difficult to get into the mood to cook, especially after a long day at work, but the reward is worth the effort. For us it’s similar to exercise, hard to get going but once you have, it energizes you and feels good.  If you have the same mentality/block on cooking as…


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Badlands National Park, South Dakota
Everyday Adventure

Want to do something to get out of your normal routine? Looking to connect with your significant other? These posts focus on things you can do without having to go very far or commit more than maybe a weekend.

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