To Take the Photo Or Not To Take the Photo

Ahh the age old debate (at least in our household).

TimTake the damn picture. If you see it…take it. At worst, you can delete it later. You don’t want to be one of those people that goes, “what if?????”
Kara with Rebuttal“You can just delete it later” – THAT TAKES TOO MUCH TIME. If you have hundreds of photos, how do you find time to go through those and find the diamond in the rough? I think just take photos here or there if you see something that really moves you.
Tim with an accusationSays my wife who literally took 6+ videos yesterday at a pub to get the right 1 second video for our story!!! #pauseforapint
Kara on the defenseOOKAAYYY. First of all – how dare you? Secondly, it was like 4 in the same location and then maybe 3 others in new spots because the day just kept getting better with you :-* But yes, I am guilty of taking photos *from different angles* when I see things differently. But they are all quality photos and not just snap and shooting.
Tim with the ball back in his court<3. The point is, taking multiple shots in order to find the right fit is necessary! There will always be edits! Part of the editing process includes deleting photos that looked good at first, but upon second, or third, or fourth review, need to be deleted. The amount of time it takes…that’s show biz baby.
Kara being a smart assMaybe I just have a keener eye than you to capture the beauty and it doesn’t come as naturally to you? I think if you see something that you love, just take a picture. Many times when I take multiple photos of the same thing, I end up staying with the initial photo I took anyway – this is why I’m a big proponent of not over doing it.
Tim bringing it back to civilityWell, you do have the most keenest of eyes! You landed me, right? 😛 😛 :P. :-*
KaraWell thank you, love. Can I bring up another pet peeve of mine with picture snapping?
TimOf course, beautiful. Go ahead!
KaraWhy take photos when you’re in a moving vehicle? I mean they NEVER turn out. And it’s especially dangerous if that person happens to be driving. If it’s really that spectacular of a shot – stop the car, enjoy the moment, and take a photo as a reminder of how fleeting a beautiful moment can be.
TimYes, and while I am still guilty of taking the occasional moving vehicle photo, I do recognize the danger in doing so (while driving). They may not turn out well, but when you see something you like, sometimes you have to just take the photo.
KaraBut how much did you really get enjoy that moment or place if you’re whizzing past it? My thought is, just enjoy it while you can, no need to fumble around for your camera and to try and take a photo – unfortunately, it’s just not going to be a quality photo.
TimMore often than not, you are right. The picture rarely turns out as I hoped, expected, or imagined. However, when I do go back and review that photo, I think back to that moment – where we were, what we were talking about, how we have gotten to this point in our journey thus far. And even if I end up deleting the photo, I will think about what was happening at that point later in life…even if it’s just a week later. It could also be months, or years later, but I will remember that small point in life. That alone makes that one photo worth it.
KaraTouché. Very sweet love. And also, you have a much better memory than I do if a photo can bring all that back to front of mind. I’m still hung up on the idea of having hundreds of photos and never being able to look at them all again at any point.
Kara’s closing pointWouldn’t you rather have fewer photos if that means you might have enough time to look at them all and reminisce?
Tim’s closing pointIf we can spend the time to look at the photos together, and delete the ones that feel unnecessary, then we have likely spent a good portion of wonderful time together…reminiscing. That means taking all the photos was worth it 🙂
Transcript from Debate on 3/11/21

To see how this conversation began – watch this video when we discussed this months ago:

*Most points discussed here are unique to what we talk about in the video but there is some resemblance

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