A TK Picnicking Experience

Historically, humans used to eat all their meals outside (except for maybe caves). Today, we can elect to eat outside.

Choosing to picnic

Having a picnic offers a nice and enjoyable opportunity to get outside. Whether it’s just the two of you or if you bring your furry friends or plan to meet up with your family/friends. It might sound simple but picnicking can bring lots of joy. Especially these days as we try to find safe activities during Covid times.

Choosing the location

Location, location, location. Picnicing is a great way to see more of your city or the towns you visit. More often than not we opt for a location that is outside with a scenic view. During our road trip we decided on river side parks and parks in front of State Capitol Buildings. During the work week, we will just walk to the nearest park to get out of our apartment. Perhaps you want to be extra cautious about Covid so you bring all your gear to your friend‘s backyard, maintain that six feet social distance, and not share utensils (did people share utensils in the first place?). Is there a lake you love or a sandy beach (please hold the sand) that is your happy place? Maybe you’re driving somewhere but are starting to get hangry; you can stop at a store with food and then have an impromptu picnic in the parking lot. In actuality, location is great, but what really matters is the company you are with and the fact that you are eating food.

Choosing what to bring

What are Picnic Must Brings?
  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Utensils
  • Blanket
  • Sun protection
  • Mask
What are Picnic Optionals to bring?
  • Hammock
  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Entertainment (including but not limited to: electronics, books, magazines, games)
  • Relaxing mentality

Food options: Prepare before then bring with you, pack your grill and cook out at the spot, stop on the way and get prepared food (this is probably the easiest option). Meeting other people? Consider having a potluck picnic where everyone brings a dish or two they want to share.


Beverage options: Going back to our survival roots, you could be happy with water. Maybe you want to spruce it up with cucumber and lemon? You could bring with you a fun treat yourself drink, like homemade lemonade or kambucha. But as we’ve mentioned in the blog before, wine is always an option (I suppose depending on open container laws and your age).


Utensil options: You could always opt to use your hands only, but we prefer to bring our usual silverware and just wash it when we get home. You’ll most certainly thank yourself for bringing napkins (extra points for reusable cloth variety) and perhaps paper towels. Don’t forget utensils to serve the food if you are going potluck, and/or, have a BBQ.


Seating options: We love this machine washable blanket we got from Bed Bath and Beyond. We also love using our hammock with self supporting stand. Perhaps you decide to use camping chairs or folding chairs. Or maybe the location of your picnic supplies picnic benches. Or again, going back to the survival roots option, the bare ground.

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