Planting Those Date Night Seeds

Looking for a fun date night idea? Have we got a suggestion for you! Have an at-home date night by brainstorming and dreaming up other date nights you want to do with your partner.

For this post, we’re moving our vlog up the ranks.
Either watch or keep reading or BOTH for details on this everyday adventure activity.


Kara got this date night idea from a popular wedding tradition. Do you know the one where each guest writes a date night suggestion on a note card or in the sign-in book? Yeah! Like that, but a few changes. You’re encouraged to make your own changes as well.


Step 1 | We gathered all our supplies.

Step 2 | We pre-set categories based on cost.

Step 3 | We each went to our separate sides of the couch and wrote down some things that we’ve been wanting to do for a date night on popsicle sticks. Or some things that we’ve enjoyed before but wanted to do again.

Step 4 | We kept it secret from each other. It’s a fun surprise and adventure pulling the sticks and seeing what was written on it (by now Kara’s even forgotten the date ideas that she wrote down).

Step 5 | There might have been wine – – there definitely was some wine and music.

Step 6 | Put them all together and pull one out at the start of your date day and/or evening.


Theme: We decided to house the date nights in a flower pot. We marked our popsicle sticks with flower stickers, each color representing different cost categories.

Supplies: We had the pot from a money tree that didn’t make it. We had the Sharpies. We had the labels. We got the popsicle sticks and flower stickers from Michaels (which was also a fun errand to run together). We got the wine from Trader Joes. We got the date night ideas from our imaginations.

Categories: The price ranges we used for categories are broken down as follows:

  • Free = no flower
  • Less than $20 = hot pink
  • $20 – $60 = orange flower
  • $60 – $100 = green flower
  • $100 or more = white flower.
Sample date night ideas: WII game night, buy a new puzzle and do it, coffee shop date, cooking night ground up, bike ride to town and have dinner, treat yourself sports event


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