About Us: Traveling and Learning Together

The Married Explorers, Tim and Kara, enjoying the sunset on their rental house boat in Newport, California while they travel.


We are Tim and Kara. We met in a garage in 2011 due to a fateful coin flip. Got our first matching passport stamps in 2012. We combined all our things into one apartment in 2013. We got engaged on top of a rock in 2015. We married in a French Style Bistro in 2016. We packed up all our things and drove three states East in 2016. We started a blog in 2019…


Our hope is to create content that you want to read. We will be basing the blog on our life together and our experiences (briefly mentioned above). The topics will cover stories surrounding domestic and foreign travel, first-time adventures, everyday exploration, and things we’ve learned. Some posts will be a collaboration, while others are individually developed, but all will be from the viewpoint of our relationship.


We want to commit to you to produce at least two new blog posts a month. Sign up so you get notified when they are up.


  • We are posting blog posts here (marriedexplorersTK.com)
  • We are uploading tons of photos, videos, advice, and anything else we find worth sharing on Instagram (@marriedexplorerstk)


We want to share our knowledge and stories to inspire all of you to get out there and see more of the world!